The Blue Lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea - "Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile") grows in unclear water, its finger-like petals arcing skyward. A complex root system tethers the blossom resting upon the water's surface to the mud below. The petals of our Blue Lotus SIDC logo sit distinct from one another resting upon a unifying blue field: There, the seeming disparate elements unify the abstract shapes to reveal a flower to yourself. Greater than the sum of its parts and more unified in reality: this is how we deliver your present IT and operations system into a stronger, faster, clearer future.

Your partnership with Blue Lotus SIDC evolves the system you need from the system you already have. Blue Lotus SIDC embraces the Blue Lotus flower as a symbol of our commitment to a victory of the spirit over the senses, a promise to assist your evolution to what your IT, operations, and business should become, while freeing you from the constraints of the present. We bring the mind and our methods to bear upon the entire situation and evolve a real plan that includes things the way they really are as a starting point, knowing business cannot grow but from your present position. Squarely acknowledging and addressing your present obstacles is a necessary step on your path to success. The fullest embrace of reality at the beginning means everything to your growth. Together, we will experience the relief and joy of more things becoming possible. As the lotus flower seems to climb from mud through unclear water to the surface of the pond with its flower reaching skyward, so your business can grow and reach for new heights with a complex, responsive, and results-driven IT system that genuinely supports your company and it's goals.

The SIDC in our name stands for System Integration and Data Conversion. Blue Lotus SIDC stands for progress in IT and operations under all conditions. The reality of your IT system is likely broader than you'd initially considered, and its obstacles and their solutions are likely outside the pervu of any one person within your organization. We bring a vision that obviates blind-spots, and present you with full awareness of the present and elegant, realistic possibilities for the future. And together, we work to make the future unfold in ways that we hope will be better than either of us had imagined.