Blue Lotus SIDC has simple rates. You can avoid overpaying for IT staff with our rate schedule, which provides a clear basis for cost estimation.

Project Estimations
We provide a free estimate of your project needs and associated costs. Should estimation evolve into actual consulting, as can happen during initial contact, we will alert you so you may choose any of the following rate schedules:

On-Site, Per Blue Lotus SIDC Technical Architect

Daily: $1,500.00
Weekly: $5,000.00*
Monthly: $15,000.00

*Weekly and Monthly engagements include free phone consulting after the contracted period.

Large Programming Projects (involving multiple programmers)

$50/hr per programmer + 25% to total hours billed for architecture design, project management, monitoring and correcting.

Should you choose to apply the efforts of a full-time technical architect to the project, the above schedule will apply.

The monthly rate can be engaged retroactively after five (5) consecutive business days, or after two (2) consecutive weeks.

Travel and lodging expenses are cost-sensitive and negotiable.


Let us grow with you. Should we be engaged in a project at a daily rate for 10 consecutive business days, at any point up until that time you may retroactively schedule us for a 1 month consultation contract from our first day of engagement, thus avoiding paying at both the higher and lower rate. If those days are less than 10 or non-consecutive, this option does not apply.